Why is Tillamook Head Trail Oregon’s Best Kept Hiking Secret?

Tillamook Head

Tillamook Head Trail in Oregon is an incredible hiking experience that remains a well-kept secret. The trail offers stunning views of the Oregon coast while providing a unique and challenging terrain. With its low-traffic, incredible scenery, and diverse wildlife, Tillamook Head Trail is an unforgettable hiking experience that should not be missed!

Overview of Tillamook Head Trail

The Tillamook Head Trail is a popular hiking trail located in the Tillamook State Forest in Oregon. The trail is approximately 6.6 miles long and offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding forest. It is a moderate hike with some steep inclines and rocky terrain, but the effort is worth it for the breathtaking scenery. The trailhead is easily accessible and there are plenty of parking spots available. Hikers should bring plenty of water and snacks, wear sturdy shoes, and be prepared for changing weather conditions. Overall, the Tillamook Head Trail is a must-see for any outdoor enthusiast visiting the area.

Reasons Why Tillamook Head Trail is Oregon’s Best-Kept Hiking Secret

Tillamook Head Trail is Oregon’s best-kept hiking secret due to its breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, lush greenery, and challenging terrain. The trail is 6.6 miles long and offers hikers a chance to see wildlife such as elk and bald eagles. The historical significance of the trail, which was used by Lewis and Clark, adds to its allure. Hikers can also explore the abandoned Tillamook Head Lighthouse, which provides a glimpse into Oregon’s rich maritime history. Overall, Tillamook Head Trail is a must-visit destination for any avid hiker looking for a challenging and rewarding experience.

Wildlife and Native Plants Found Along the Trail

The Tillamook Head Trail is home to a diverse range of wildlife and native plants. Hikers can spot black bears, elk, and cougars along the trail. The forested areas are filled with Douglas fir, Sitka spruce, and western hemlock trees. Wildflowers such as trillium, bleeding heart, and columbine bloom in the spring.

Benefits of Visiting Tillamook Head Trail

If you’re an avid hiker looking for a new adventure, then Tillamook Head Trail should definitely be on your list. This hidden gem is one of Oregon’s best-kept secrets, offering breathtaking views and unique features that you won’t find anywhere else. The trail is located just north of Cannon Beach and stretches for 6.6 miles, taking hikers through dense forests, over streams, and along the rugged coastline. What makes Tillamook Head Trail so special is the diverse range of landscapes that it covers, from old-growth forests to rocky cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, hikers will encounter a variety of wildlife and native plants, adding to the trail’s natural beauty. One of the most unique features of the trail is the abandoned Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, which adds an extra layer of intrigue to the hike. Overall, visiting Tillamook Head Trail is an unforgettable experience that offers a range of benefits, from physical exercise to mental relaxation. So, if you’re looking for a new hiking adventure.

Tips for Enjoying a Safe and Fun Hike

If you’re planning to hit the Tillamook Head Trail, it’s important to keep safety in mind. Here are some tips for enjoying a safe and fun hike. First, make sure you have the right gear. Wear sturdy, comfortable shoes with good traction, and bring water and snacks. Second, check the weather forecast before you go and be prepared for changes in conditions. Third, stay on the trail and follow any posted signs and warnings. Fourth, hike with a buddy or let someone know your plans and expected return time. Finally, respect the environment and leave no trace. Pack out all trash and avoid disturbing wildlife. By following these tips, you can have a safe and enjoyable hiking experience. So, get out there and explore Oregon’s best-kept hiking secret!


In conclusion, Tillamook Head Trail is undoubtedly one of Oregon’s best-kept hiking secrets. With its stunning coastal views, lush forests, and historical significance, it offers a unique and unforgettable hiking experience for both locals and tourists. Despite its challenging terrain, the trail is well-maintained and accessible, making it a great option for hikers of all levels. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful escape into nature or an opportunity to learn about Oregon’s rich history, Tillamook has something to offer. So, if you’re looking for a new adventure, don’t hesitate to explore this hidden gem. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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